As printed in Proteus, the Journal of the Delaware Valley Mensa  (Mar 2012)
Disclaimer: There are far worse problems to have, so I'm not complaining.
Just sharing.


            So, I’m sad. I knew in advance that I’d be sad. This didn’t lessen said sad, but it did allow me time to warn and equip my friends for my then impending sad. I told them I’d need them, whether for silly messages or cheering up outings, and they have not disappointed. This makes me glad. The sad to glad ratio is still in sad’s favor, but at least they have each other to play with from time to time.

            Yes, even silly people who write stories intended to be humorous, and whose nicknames have included “Jolly” and “Smiley,” and who occasionally burst into song, get sad. We’re only human. I mean, there’s been speculation, but I can prove that I was born on earth.

            In this most recent case of sad, a close friend had to move away. As in across an ocean. In the age of modern technology, whatever sad I’m feeling is laughable compared to what people went through in the olden days, waaay back before e-mail, skype, text messaging and the like. Back in my day, we sent letters! With a stamp! And we LIKED IT! And MTV played MUSIC!”

            I think about what this would be like even wayer back, like before airplanes, waiting for letters to be carried back and forth across the ocean by boat. I mean, sure, we can sing the “Anticipation” song and pretend like that would be charming, but let’s keep it real. That would suck! We’re fortunate and spoiled, knowing we have this new fangled boat called The S.S. Internet to carry our messages back and forth across the ocean. We don’t have to go weeks or (GASP) months in between interactions, wondering when, or if, the next one will come. Yet. Still. Everyone who has ever watched a friend move away, whether to the next town over or to the other side of the world, knows that no communication, even by today’s standards, can compare to the simple, smiling ease of being in the same place. Thus, sad.

            This brings me to what I ask of you. If I have ever made you smile through this little column of mine – and thank you for reading it, by the way – then we share a bit of our sense of humor, you and I. I’d like to know what you think is funny, because maybe I will, too. In short, I think it’s high time that YOU entertained ME!

            Send your favorite (clean) joke, noting whether it is original or one you heard/saw elsewhere. Send a funny anecdote or observation. Send a paragraph about your favorite embarrassing moment. Send a clever pun or an original haiku on moving, or travel, or friends, or communication, or any topic that floats your boat. Send a simple note of encouragement. Send something nice that you think will help bring the smile back to my face.

            I may share some of these unless you ask me not to, so please include your name and city and e-mail your best stuff to CheerUpNicole@gmail.com with the subject header “Proteus (online)” and let’s see what we get. Of course, your e-mail address will not be printed, so don’t be shy. If you owe me a smile (you know who you are), it’s time to pay up.

            You can also send cash.

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